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Record Producer.

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Adams Avenue Unplugged Music Festival
Saturday, April 27th, 2024
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Oxford, Comma

time away musical cd

Time Away: The Musical That Happened Anyway

the sexy

The Sexy






This Golden Era

allied gardens

Allied Gardens

Sotto Voce

the ghandi method

The Gandhi Method



time away musical cd

Passion's little plaything

Record Production

For nearly as long as Sven-Erik Seaholm has been writing songs, he has been recording them.

“Everything I have learned to do thus far, I have done in the pursuit of song. To capture its essence, accentuate its emotional dynamics, highIight the lyrics and melody and build a place where the song can truly flourish, one must devote themselves to the ways of a craftsman.”

To that end, Seaholm has produced and recorded nearly 1000 releases, each of them unique from all the others. Rock, Pop, Acoustic Singer-Songwriter, Jazz to Blues and beyond, a great many of these recordings were awarded for their excellence along the way, including Buddy Blue (Best Blues Album), Via Satellite (Best Local Recording), Peter Bolland (Best Americana), Michael Tiernan (Best Pop) and The Morning Riot (Best Punk).

It may seem like a broadly eclectic swath to cut, but Seaholm sees it simply:
“It’s all music. An artist longs to reach out and connect with listeners. It is my goal that my work helps to not just get that attention, but often provides them with a song they didn’t yet know they needed in their life.”

Recording packages come in all shapes and sizes; Singles, Albums, EPs and Soundtracks are all within reach and no consideration is too big or small.

Art Design services are also available for those wishing to release CDs or promote their music via social media.



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